Australian Gastronomy Part 4 - My Menu For Australia

Australian Gastronomy Menu

To Start...

Yam and mangosteen soup with sautéed matsutake mushroom, mia rose finger lime pulp and Australian wildfire spice

Mangrove goanna lizard tail, wrapped in banana leaf with crushed muntries and cooked “in hot ashes of acacia”, served with a plantain foam

Deep fried taro and bunya nut crusted witchetty grub on a salad of zucchini, peach and clearspring wakame with a quince dressing

Wild capsicum rubbed, sapodilla-smoked fillet of serpent eel, steamed baby asparagus wrapped in kokihi leaves with a lemon aspen sauce

Salad of tamarillo, crumbled Gippsland Blue, roasted Davidson’s plum and bamboo shoots drizzled with wild rosella gumleaf oil

From The Sea...

Chilled cobia and soft-shell clam Assam lahksa with Daintree pineapple, grated cucumber and native mint

An aquatic trilogy of acacia-smoked suprème of barramundi, carpacchio of sea urchin warm-cured with tamarind and palm sugar, and freshwater yabby claw poached in reduced Botrytis Semillon, sprinkled with lemon myrtle and mountain pepper

Whole barbequed River blackfish stuffed with coriander and blood orange segments, with a black rice aioli

Fillet of blue-eye travella infused with blue-leaved mallee oil and pan-fried, a raw Sydney rock oyster, crispy glass noodles on a macadamia tofu purée, ribbery and akudjura salsa and razor-thin shredded pawpaw and nashi pear

Wylde thyme and aniseed myrtle baked Australian abalone on a yakajirri rosti with pink chard, micro herbs and a cuttlefish ink reduction

From The Land...

Tenderloin of kangaroo rare-braised in Jester Sangiovese rosé, with char-grilled kumara sweet potato and an illawara plum relish

Grilled wild boar, boysenberry and oregano spiced sausage with steamed soba noodles and a soy bean and pepperberry Ringarooma butter sauce

Fan fillet of emu marinated and roasted with Tasmanian leatherwood honey and cracked Tasmanian peppercorn, yellow crookneck squash purée, yardlong beans with melted Jindi brie and a Gundabluey-wattleseed saksak dumpling

Lemongrass skewered crocodile and Bowen mango, griddled and served with a basil and stem ginger salsa

Ballotine of Shearwater Moonbird (Yolla) stuffed with Riverland Capri fig and Thorpe Farm Tasmanian Highland goat’s cheese, on a swede mash with a poached Cape Barren goose egg and fennel oil vinaigrette

For The Vegetarian...

Stir-fried tofu, Red Spear purple sprouting broccoli and snow peas on a bed of linguine tossed with cream, crushed burrawong nut and Lark single malt whisky-marinated baby beetroot and enokitake mushrooms

Steaming warragul green and bear’s garlic broth garnished with scrambling lily and Ginninderra peppercress

Asian eggplant stuffed with red lentils and yellow split peas boiled in coconut water and bound in bottlebrush-flower nectar, roasted whole on hot coals

Harvest Moon pumpkin, feta and faba bean filo tart with avocado, parakeelya and houttuynia leaves and Herbert River cherry coulis

Daikon wasabi tempura fritters on a rocket and nettle salad with a Rooster Spur chilli and lillypilly jam

For The Sweet Tooth...

Quandong Pavlova made with ostrich egg albumen, served with a forest peppermint Anzac biscuit

Munthari berry damper bread and butter pudding with a bittersweet sigri coffee sauce

Exotic fresh fruit platter of persimmon, passionfruit, jaboticaba, mamey sapote, jakfruit, quaribea and soursop

Friggin’ pecan pie with a rainforest lime granita

Guava and carambola tart with natural yoghurt and a fresh rambutan in half shell



During the writing of this menu I drew influences from the following websites:

Wikipedia: Cuisine of Australia
Tripod: Recipes from Australia
Pick Your Own: Unusual Fruits
MSN Groups: Ingenious Cooking Methods (no longer available)
Australian Wines Online
The Worldwide Gourmet
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The Fenner School of Environment and Society
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Goodness Direct
Tarago River Cheese
Venissimo Cheese

plus the many dozens of other food websites and food blogs that I regularly use in pursuit of my culinary education and the writing of my own food blog (see the links in my blog sidebar).



So now I’ve come to the end of this report, I will conclude with my thoughts and reflections after this epic culinary journey. I hope that the effort and time I spent researching for this project is well reflected in my report, and that I have fulfilled the criteria asked of me. I also hope that my documentation of Australia’s gastronomic history and the explanations I have given based on my menu are of an acceptable standard. I have learnt so much from this project and I hope that I can take the knowledge I have gained and pass it on to others as willing to learn as myself. I’m truly grateful to everyone from whom I took inspiration and influence for my menu as well as this piece of writing, both of which I hope you find to be professionally presented.

I do want to make it clear that the decisions I made with regards to the ingredients on my menu were very carefully calculated and I tried to strike a balance between what could easily be achieved in a modern restaurant kitchen and what could only produced on a commercial basis with difficulty. I confess that I did at times get slightly carried away with myself in my excitement with the project, but after much contemplation, analysis and revision of my initial ideas, I strongly believe that my menu could be physically recreated in a realistic working environment.

Before I even started compiling my menu I knew that for my own personal integrity, it was important that I produced a menu with a unique selling point (USP). To me, originality and ingenuity are the most important factors when it comes to standing out from the crowd, so I tried to build my menu around my philosophy of creativity, imagination and innovation. I hope that I have succeeded in that objective.

Trig - July 2007.