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To help you find your way through my posts, I've classified them under twelve group headings. Click on any picture or group title to be taken to an index of all my posts on that topic. I've also included a link to my final report from the Australian Gastronomy Project Report that I was required to undertake in the third year at Westminster Kingsway College as assessed work for my Professional Chef Diploma.

Me in the kitchens at Comerç 24 in Barcelona
Professional work
Me plating up in the college Brasserie kitchen
My former college
Spherification - making rosewater caviar
Experimental cooking
Guineafowl supreme on egg noodles
Classical home cooking
Tasmanian Leatherwood honey
Food items and snacks
The truffle shuffle
Food news & reviews
Morgan M in IslingtonRestaurant reviewsTampopo (Dandelion)
Food movies and books
Borough market
Food markets & shops
Me with Kiera Knightly (celebrity fantasy)
Celebrity chefs
Dad demonstrating how to boil an egg
Friends & family
Food Blog Awards 2006Food blogging & writing

Click on the link or the map for my Westminster Kingsway College Diploma Gastronomy Project report on the development of modern Australian cuisine.